Three’s a Trend: Toy Story

Lately, we’ve been seeing mega blogger babes like Kristina Bazan, Chiara Ferragni and Negin Mirsalehi leading the charge on a trend that quite frankly… keeps pingponging us back to the 90s. In fact, we’re convinced that designers have grown nostalgic for their youth, and are tapping into that energy as inspiration for their ever-evolving runway collections.

#1 Les Petites Joueurs

Emerging Italian fashion house Le Petite Joueurs (French for “the small players”) used good old fashioned legos as a building blocks for their dynamite collection of handbags and chic leather goods. The playful, expression-filled designs, which scream statements like ‘LOVE,’ ‘AHH!’ and ‘HEY!’ in colors as wide-ranging as the blocks they represent are as easy to spot as the social darlings toting them. We’re especially gaga for the ‘Eyes’ collection of totes and backpacks (pictured), which are endearingly reminiscent of another popular game we played as kids – Pacman. How could we not love?!


#2 Prada 

Miuccia Prada brought the future into perspective with her eponymous line of Robot clutches, key chains and handbags. Featuring edgy studs, metallic hardware and her classic logo all wrapped up in an industrial-inspired design, Prada recalls some of television’s most beloved humanoid robots, like the apron-clad Rosie from the Jetsons and Anakin Skywalker’s trusty companion C-3PO from Star Wars. Concurrent with the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s recent Manus x Machina themed fashion exhibit, the question on everybody’s mind is –  To what degree is fashion being influenced in this age of technology?  Looks like Miuccia might be onto something…

#3 Fendi

What could be funner than Fendi’s monster-eye motif handbags and accessories? The fashion house’s Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld, who has long been celebrated for his work at Chanel, certainly has a sense of humor. This collection is nothing like Chanel.  Lagerfeld’s direction certainly seems to be a hit with the sartorial set – we’ve seen the likes of Kendall Jenner and Olivia Palermo mastering street style with their furry mini monsters in tow. Even the pieces designed in Karl’s own likeness (pictured) – think shoes, clutches, cell phone cases, you name it, have been met with appreciation. And while this collection is strangely reminiscent of the Furbies we played around with as kids, we can’t help but covet it for our own closets and commend Karl for yet another job well done.

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