Thrill of the Frill

We have often looked to the Italians to set the standard for what is in vogue – Gucci, Missoni, Prada…shall I go on? What I love about this blouse by Italian designer Motivi, is how black velvet and a delicate ruffle combine to create a piece that is feminine, yet bold and unapologetically avant-garde. How refreshing!

As mass production becomes the norm, I’ve grown to truly value and support brands that represent quality, heritage, pride in design and true craftsmanship. And in my travels, I’ve enjoyed the thrill of discovering one-of-a-kind treasures in the shops, boutiques and flea markets I’ve stumbled on. With this unique blouse, made in France, there’s no chance you’ll cross paths with someone sporting its sibling. And for a thrift hound such as myself, that knowledge is invaluable.

The blouse, stunning star clutch and authentic Greek seashell ring are available for purchase at LILA Fashion International.

Velvet Ruffle Blouse: Motivi (snag it!); Skirt: INC; Star Clutch: Multiple colors available (snag it!); Fur Booties: Nine West (snag it!); Ring: Authentic Greek Seashell (snag it!)






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