Pop of Color – Winter’s Remedy

Dreary, overcast weather can be a serious downer – even in the midst of the holiday season, with Christmas just around the corner. A pop of color is the perfect pick-me-up for….

…those long winter days, when you head out to the office before sunrise, and head home long after sunset…

….when you find yourself staring out a window, lost in thought, caught up in a daydream…

…when all the days seem to just blur together with the same old routine…

…when you plan on catching up on a year’s worth of sleep debt over the course of a long holiday weekend…

Pops of color were meant for winter. Leave spring to other things.

Jacket: J. Crew (snag it!); Sunglasses: RayBan Wayfarer; Scarf: Pashmina (multiple colors available – snag it!Watch: Michael Kors; Bracelets: J. Crew





IMG_0562 IMG_0568


IMG_0570 1538626_369579476544771_4796622764969239253_n

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