Prints & Pumps

It’s the most wonderful time of year… but let’s face it, holiday shopping can be an absolute nightmare! As a #workinggirl, I can never seem to find enough time outside of the office to sort out my gift list. Xmas is 10 days out… yet my to-dos (AND, my stress level!) keep on growing. And then there’s the occasional fantasy of jetting off to some far flung corner of the globe where nobody knows me and celebrating the holidays stress-free and solo. Wouldn’t that be nice?

As you’ve probably figured from my posts on holiday party style… there is really no hard and fast rule. And in the coming weeks, I hope you SEE from my posts that there is something to be appreciated in the quirky and the unconventional… the pieces that don’t quite fit the mold. As long as you’re confident and comfortable, you’ve got it made. Because this season is ALL ABOUT about celebrating your OWN personal style.

The fanciful Artisti Italiani button down I’m styling is one of my top holiday picks! As are the stunning sequined pumps and rinestoned star clutch! All are available for purchase at LILA Fashion International!

Silk Blouse: Artista Italiani (snag it!); Skirt: INC; Sequin pumps: J. Crew (SOLD!); Star Clutch: Celestino (Multiple colors available – snag it!); Jacket: Zara; Ring: Mint Julep












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